Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the smartstock™ 100 /110 is a device used to quickly identify multiple RFID tagged items in your collection. The smartstock™ 100 is portable, battery powered and uses a wireless connection while the smartstock™ 110 uses a USB connection and requires a laptop.

smartstock™ 100 /110 can read up to 10 RFID tagged items per second. A back-up battery allows the smartstock™ 100 to operate continuously without time constraints and can easily be carried over the shoulder or clipped to a waist belt.

The patented, flexible antenna enables easy access to RFID tagged items on high or low shelves without the need to bend over or stretch. smartstock™ 100 allows data from your inventory to be instantaneously transmitted via wireless signal to a display PC.

The precise reading capabilities and small size make it an ideal system for environments where accuracy and efficiency are required for taking inventory, weeding and searching your library collection. mobile™ DLA can reduce the time needed to perform manual inventory and searching tasks by as much as 90%.
Take inventory of your stock with a convenient and reliable device

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smartstock™ 100
smartstock™ 110

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