Программное обеспечение для библиотек

A large part of the bibliotheca team is dedicated to develop the very best software to accompany our self-service products. With a continuous focus on creating the simplest user interface, all of our software applications go through a rigorous development cycle, align to DDA/ADA standards, and integrate with the majority of LMS/ILS providers. bibliotheca software is user-friendly and intuitive for all users of all demographics, including those with limited IT experience. From managing all of your library equipment from one central location through to expanding community services in the library environment, our extensive range of software solutions goes far beyond just a self-service kiosk.


Интерактивный интерфейс для терминалов

QuickConnect™ AMH

Интерфейс для станций возврата и сортировки

staffConnect™ gate

Мониторинг RFID-ворот идентификации


Программирование и считывание RFID-меток

staffConnect™ devices

Центр управления и интерактивного мониторинга

BiblioChip™ SDK/Test

Инструменты разработчика
для интеграции с АБИС