Secure your high value library assets using your existing RFID security system

Protects and shields the tag

Encapsulated in a specially designed plastic case, RFID tag™ 500 has been developed to operate when attached to metallic objects whilst maintaining excellent performance through security gates.

Acts as a deterrent against theft

RFID tag™ 500 is deliberately highly visible to warn potential thieves that the item is being monitored.

Compatible with existing RFID equipment

RFID tag™ 500 doesn’t require any special equipment or software to be installed, it can be written to and read by your existing library RFID hardware and software.

Discreet and tidy security

Valuable items tagged with the RFID tag™ 500 can be used by patrons without the need to be tethered down by wires or cables.

Cross-vendor compatible

Being completely ISO compliant, RFID tag™ 500 is even compatible with non-bibliotheca RFID systems.

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RFID tag™ 500

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